SlimRain 100 Horizontal Rainwater Filter

The WISY SlimRain 100 is furnished with polyethylene filter housing and a removable stainless steel filter insert with 900-micron mesh. The filter separates leaves, moss, insects, and other coarse materials larger than 900 microns. After the water is filtered, it exists the housing through the bottom clean water outlet.


The SlimRain 100 is a space-saving and economical rainwater pre-tank filter designed to filter out particulates larger than 900 microns (0.9 mm / 0.035 in). This unit has been designed for installation in horizontal pipe runs. The minimal difference between the rainwater inlet and overflow outlet makes the filter an ideal option when elevations are strict. The filter can be installed in the access shaft of the rainwater storage tank.


Maximum Roof Collection Area 2,150 SF
Maximum Flow Rate 66 GPM
Filter Mesh Size 900 Microns (0.9 mm / 0.035 in)
Inlet Diameter 4"
Overflow Outlet Diameter 4"
Clean Water Oultet Diameter 4"
Elevation Difference of Inlet and Overflow Outlet 2"
Total Length 20"
Filter Body Length 14.5"
Width 6"
Height 14"
Color Blue
Efficiency Rating >97%
Common Pipe used for Connection 4" S&D 35 Pipe
Item Number HF 1001
Maintenance Inspect 2-3 times per year



Download The SlimRain Spec sheet Here


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