Rainwater Management Solutions offers a wide variety of services and solutions to its customers for rainwater harvesting projects spanning commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Rainwater Harvesting System
Design Guide

The RMS Rainwater Harvesting System Design Guide. This is a comprehensive guide to the critical components and factors that should be considered for a rainwater harvesting system.


Do You Have an Idea of What You Want Your System to Look Like?

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System Schematics

Rainwater Management Solutions has created general designs for proper rainwater harvesting based on the experience and knowledge acquired over the years. These drawings show the integration of the necessary components for a low maintenance and smooth-running system. All systems can be tailored to fulfill a specific project’s requirements. Please fill out an RMS Design-a-System form for a custom designed system specific to your project’s requirements or contact an RMS representative.

Industrial Systems

Submersible Pump with Filtration, Day Tank, and Booster Pump

System Schematic Submersible Pump to Filtration Skid

Booster Pump with Filtration to End Use

Booster Pump with Filtration, Day Tank and Booster Pump

Light Commercial & Residential Systems

Aboveground Tank with Suction/Booster Pump and Pressure Difference for Municipal Backup

Aboveground Tank with Boost/Jet Pump

Belowground Tank with Submersible Pump and Purification System

Aboveground with Boost/ Jet Pump and Purification System

Tandem Belowground
Tanks with Submersible Pump

Aboveground Tank with Submersible Pump, Pressure Difference for Municipal Backup

Aboveground Tank with
Submersible Pump

Belowground Tank with Submersible Pump and Domestic Backup

Aboveground Tank with Submersible Tank and Purification System

Aboveground Tank with Inline Downspout Filter and Jet Pump

Aboveground System with Vortex Filter and
Jet Pump

Belowground Tank with Submersible Pump


Aboveground Tank with Submersible Pump, Purification System and Pressure Difference for Municipal Backup



*The system drawings provided are for representational purposes only and are not for construction.

Innovative Technologies

At RMS, we are actively engaged in new product development to improve upon the effectiveness of existing equipment used to support water-efficient sustainable systems, as well as to develop new designs to meet the growing challenges presented in this rapidly evolving field.


Rainwater Harvesting System Specifications

RMS has fully-written specifications for standard water harvesting systems and can also assist in writing custom specifications for rainwater harvesting and stormwater management systems. See below for standard variations offered. If a custom specification is needed, please contact an RMS representative.

Consulting Services

Rainwater Management Solutions works alongside architects and engineers as experts in the fields of rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, wastewater recycling, and other water efficient sustainable systems and methods. The work/products we produce during the engagement include alternative approaches for system design, recommendations for system schematics and equipment, cost estimates for designing rainwater and stormwater systems, and system installation.

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Consulting Design

RMS provides expert consulting design services in the areas of rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, and greywater recycling systems. We work with engineers and architects to develop well-designed rainwater harvesting systems that require minimal maintenance.

Would you like to schedule a live training session with RMS?

RMS is available for lunch & learns, webinars, or other tailor-made training sessions for your engineers and designers. Click the button below to fill out the training request form.

Irrigation Consulting

RMS now offers irrigation schedule consulting in conjunction with rainwater harvesting systems. If you plan on installing a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation purposes, our consultant can work with you to determine water needs for your landscape and how to apply your irrigation by following water conservation principles.

Design Build Rainwater Systems

RMS participates in complete design-build, design-assist, and team-construct project delivery systems to quickly integrate the design of sustainable water systems with aggressive construction schedules. Our experienced team of designers, estimators, and project managers represents the disciplines required to provide our clients with an integrated approach to water-efficient sustainable systems and roof drainage systems.

Design Build Services

Development of Performance Specifications
Equipment and System Selections
Engineering and Computer Aided Design
Full Scale 3D Modeling
Cost Analysis
Exclusive Tank Sizing Analysis
Design Analysis and Consulting
Packaged Solutions
Pre-plumbed and Skid Mounted Labeled Systems
Provide Electrical and Control Wiring Diagrams
On-site Technical Support
On-site Startup and Training Services
Equipment Procurement
On-site Commissioning and Training Services
Provide Full-Service Maintenance for Installed RMS System