Commercial Rainwater Collection Systems

Investigating whether a commercial rainwater harvesting program is right for your business? Rainwater Management Solutions has developed resources and case studies to help you make an informed decision regarding a commercial rainwater collection system.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting
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Rainwater Management Solutions is a full-service provider of commercial rainwater collection systems. Customers from all sectors turn to us for design, construction and large-scale rainwater harvesting systems. Learn more about our capabilities from our case studies.

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At RMS, we have developed several rainwater harvesting guides and articles to help prospective clients learn more about the benefits of commercial rainwater harvesting. Our goal is to provide customers with everything they need to make an informed decision when implementing commercial rainwater collection into their business. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at (866) 653-8337 to speak with an expert regarding your specific rainwater harvesting needs.

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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Applications

Commercial rainwater collection systems efficiently collect large amounts of rainwater. repurposing that water into a variety of applications. Rainwater harvesting can help businesses conserve millions of gallons of water over the lifetime of their system, saving them money at the same time.

By utilizing large-scale rainwater harvesting systems, companies can manage stormwater runoff onsite by alleviating a large section of impervious area from their management plan. Rainwater harvesting isn't just an environmentally sound thing to do, it's economically beneficial as well. Here are a few of the applications for commercial rainwater harvesting systems:

  • Stormwater Management
  • Fire Suppression
  • Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Fixture Flushing
  • Cooling Towers
  • Vehicle Washing
  • Equipment Washing
  • Laundry

Wisy 4-Step System

Rainwater Management Solutions has identified the Wisy 4-Step System as the ideal method for rainwater harvesting for promoting a healthy system and reducing maintenance.

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Design Build Services for Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

When it comes to rainwater harvesting, commercial buildings present unique challenges. The design of your structure can vary, difficulties can arise from storage and a host of other concerns can develop. Rainwater Management Solutions alleviates those concerns with our host of design build services for commercial rainwater collection systems.

For Engineers & Architects

  • Development of Performance Specifications
  • Equipment and System Selections
  • Engineering and Computer-Aided Design
  • Full-Scale 3D Modeling
  • Cost Analysis
  • Exclusive Tank Sizing Analysis
  • Design Analysis and Consulting
  • Packaged Solutions

For Contractors & Property Owners

  • Pre-plumbed and Skid-Mounted Labeled Systems
  • Provide Electrical and Control Wiring Diagrams
  • Onsite Startup and Training Services
  • Provide Full-Service Maintenance for Installed RMS Systems

Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems are integrated into your current building's design. Utilizing rooftops and downspouts, commercial rainwater harvesting creates large catchment areas that redirect rainwater into storage areas for later use. In order to maximize a rainwater harvesting system, commercial buildings rely on RMS for design, expertise, and systems integration. Water conservation efforts are receiving heightened attention and businesses that choose to implement commercial rainwater collection systems not only help in that effort, but can save companies money in the process.

Fixture Flushing Fixture Flushing Flushing toilets/urinals can be one of the largest uses of municipal water in a large office building. By using clean filtered water from commercial rainwater collection businesses can replace potable municipal water, reduce their monthly costs and conserve water at the same time.
Cooling Towers Cooling Towers Another heavy user of water in large commercial buildings are cooling towers. Commercial rainwater harvesting can be used as make-up water to replace what is lost during evaporation and blow down of most cooling systems. Rainwater is also naturally soft water, which means that it is more efficient as it can cycle more frequently. This reduces the amount of chemicals needed to treat municipal water for hardness and can help prolong the life of the cooling system.
Vehicle/Equipment Washing Vehicle/Equipment Washing Because rainwater is naturally soft, it results in little to no water spotting. This makes it excellent for washing vehicles. Whether you have a large car dealership or transit facility, using large-scale rainwater harvesting systems for vehicle washing reduces your water costs and saves on long-term maintenance/replacement of windshields and paint.
Laundry Laundry Harvested rainwater is a great alternative to municipal water for commercial or large residential laundry facilities such as those found at hotels, apartment complexes and dormitories. Commercial rainwater collection systems reduce water costs for the building and lowers required maintenance on machines as the naturally soft rainwater will cause less scale buildup.
Stormwater Management Stormwater Management Harvesting rainwater is also an integral part of Stormwater BMPs. By collecting rainwater from buildings and putting it to use, you reduce the runoff from these facilities and decrease your impervious surface area which can reduce the size of any potential onsite detention/retention. A commercial rainwater harvesting system can also be integrated with a stormwater reuse system for a more robust water conservation effort.
Fire Suppression Fire Suppression Large commercial buildings can utilize rainwater harvesting to store large amounts of water for automated fire suppression systems and other emergency situations.
Industrial Industrial Rainwater harvesting can provide water for a variety of industrial applications. Rainwater is used frequently in boiler systems and thermal HVAC systems as make-up water. Additionally, blowdown treatment systems and the automotive industry all have high demands for process water free of contaminants.
Irrigation and Agriculture Irrigation and Agriculture Using rainwater harvesting, commercial buildings can replace municipal water for landscape irrigation. As businesses implement the design of green spaces around and in their buildings, rainwater can be a valuable resource for helping keep those areas green and reduce costs by supplementing or replacing the municipal source. Harvested rainwater can also be a great resource for large agricultural businesses (greenhouses/grow-houses). Having a pure, “organic” source of water to feed your crops is much better for them than chemically treated municipal water as and reduces your monthly watering costs.

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems typically require some kind of post-tank filtration and can vary depending upon the end-use. Depending upon the degree of supplementing municipal, the upfront cost can come as a shock. RMS can provide an estimated return of investment. This is typically done in 2-10 years – depending on the scale.

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Let RMS help you determine how a commercial rainwater collection system can help you save money and protect our most valuable natural resource. We are here to answer all the questions you may have about commercial rainwater harvesting. Contact us by phone or email to get started.

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