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Commercial Rainwater Systems

Commercial/Industrial Applications

Commercial Rainwater Systems can efficiently collect large amounts of rainwater from buildings and repurpose that water in a variety of applications to help save businesses money and conserve potentially millions of gallons of water. Also, by collecting rainwater from large commercial or industrial rooftops, businesses can help manage their onsite stormwater runoff by alleviating a large section of impervious area from their stormwater management plan. Rainwater harvesting isn’t just the environmentally sound thing to do, it’s also economically sound.

Fixture Flushing

Flushing toilets/urinals can be one of the largest uses of municipal water in a large office building. By using clean filtered harvested rainwater to replace potable municipal water, business can reduce their monthly costs as well as help conserve water.

Cooling Towers

Another heavy user of water in large commercial buildings are cooling towers. Harvested rainwater can be used as make-up water to replace that which is lost during evaporation and blow down cycle of most cooling systems. Rainwater is also naturally soft water, which means that it is actually more efficient as it can cycle more frequently, can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat municipal water for hardness, and can help prolong the life of the cooling system.

Vehicle / Equipment Washing

Rainwater is naturally soft, resulting in little to no water spotting, thus making it excellent for washing vehicles. Whether you have a large car dealership or transit facility, harvesting rainwater for vehicle washing can reduce your water costs and help you save on long term maintenance/replacement of windshields and paint.



Harvested rainwater is a great alternative to municipal water for commercial or large residential laundry facilities (hotels, apartment complexes, dormitories, etc). Not only can it help reduce water costs for the building but can reduce maintenance on machines as the naturally soft rainwater will cause less scale buildup on the machines.

Stormwater Management

Harvesting rainwater is also an integral part of Stormwater BMPs. By collecting rainwater from buildings and putting it to use, you’re reducing the runoff from these facilities and reducing your impervious surface area which can reduce the size of any potential onsite detention/retention. A rainwater harvesting system can also be integrated with a stormwater reuse system for a more robust water conservation effort.


Fire Suppression

Large commercial buildings can potentially store large amounts of harvested rainwater that be made available for automated fire suppression systems as well as other emergency situations.

Irrigation and Agriculture

Using harvested rainwater to replace municipal water for landscape irrigation needs is a very common application. As businesses implement the design of green spaces around or even in their buildings, rainwater can be a valuable resource for helping keep those areas green and help reduce cost by supplementing or even replacing the municipal source.

Harvested Rainwater can also be a great resource for large agricultural businesses (greenhouses/grow-houses). Having a pure, “organic” source of water to feed your crops is much better for them than chemically treated municipal water as well as it reduces your monthly watering costs.


Commercial and Industrial Rainwater Harvesting systems typically require some kind of post tank filtration and can vary depending upon the end use. Depending upon the degree of supplementing municipal, the upfront cost can come as a shock. RMS can provide an estimated return of investment. This is typically done in 2-10 years – depending upon the scale.


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