Graywater Systems Consulting for
Municipal, Industrial, and Agricultural Needs

Modular and Scalable Graywater Reuse

Rainwater Management Solutions specializes in helping businesses reuse graywater in the safest, most efficient and economical way possible. Once properly treated, graywater can be used for things like flushing toilets and irrigation purposes, reducing the strain on local water treatment plants, conserving freshwater, and helping you to save money in the process.

We pride ourselves on offering quality graywater reuse systems to each and every client through our innovative GRAYWORKS product line.



Developed alongside Critical Flow, our GRAYWORKS product line has been instrumental in establishing the viability of decentralized graywater treatment/reuse and rainwater harvesting. The product line was developed for all kinds of commercial establishments, including resorts, university dorms, corporate campuses, offices, residences, and mixed-use developments.

The GRAYWORKS treatment and reuse product line integrates industry-leading biological treatment with a modular scalable design, so you can leave worry behind. Below are the four important steps for our GRAYWORKS treatment:


  1. Screening: Through a self-cleaning screen, all hair, lint, and debris are removed during step 1.
  2. Biological Treatment: We biologically degrade all pollutants with our patented surface-active treatment process, responding to variations in influent flow and quality.
  3. Filtration and Ultraviolet Light:Our filtration system is also self-cleaning, and sends all leftover debris into the sewer. Step 3 involves filtration removing suspended solids and UV light eliminates any remaining pathogens.
  4. Chlorine & Dye (optional): Our dye and chlorine systems can be included if desired (depending on your requirements); consisting of chemical storage, spill containment, and dosing pumps. It's important to note that our chlorine and dye systems are optional.


RMS is also capable of providing customary Graywater Reuse systems for commercial and industrial applications. The basic treatment train is utilized but can be tailored to fulfill specific requirements. The modular housing can be included or not, depending upon space allowance.

In addition, RMS offers a "Value Package" Graywater Reuse System for subsurface irrigation. Due to limited to no human contact, a less intensive treatment is required and thus saves money.



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The GRAYWORKS product line is designed for commercial facilities such as mixed-use developments, resorts, dormitories, corporate campuses, and office buildings. For our clients, the GRAYWORKS system reduces water use, saves money, and doesn’t break their budget or stress their facilities staff.

Modular Biological Treatment and Reuse

The GRAYWORKS treatment and reuse product line integrates industry-leading biological treatment with a modular scalable design.

Step 1: Screening

Lint and hair are removed directly through a self-cleaning screen and then flushed to the sewer. The screen can be mounted directly to the system or with a remote pump station depending on site requirements.

Step 2: Biological Treatment

Pollutants are biologically degraded by microorganisms living on the patented surface-active treatment media creating a robust treatment that responds to variations in influent flow and quality.

Step 3: Filtration & UV

Filtration removes suspended solids and Ultra Violet light disinfection eliminates any pathogens. The filtration system is self-cleaning and backflushes debris to the sewer. All equipment is secured within the cabinet.

Step 4: Chlorine + Dye

Optional dye and chlorine systems can be included depending on project requirements. Dosing pumps, chemical storage, and spill containment are provided in the integral chemical cabinet.


All municipal and commercial wastewater reuse systems rely on biological treatment to remove dissolved pollutants but many graywater systems still utilize unreliable chemical treatment processes. GRAYWORKS incorporates a proven biological reactor design that efficiently removes dissolved organic materials and naturally responds to changes in flow and concentration.


The GRAYWORKS system is the first modular graywater system to incorporate all aspects of graywater treatment into a single unit that includes biological treatment, filtration, disinfection, project-specific polishing, and online instrumentation in a secure enclosure. The modular design significantly reduces installation costs.


The GRAYWORKS product line is scalable to provide cost effective reuse across a wide range of sizes and applications. System design can incorporate project specific.

*See below for "standard" sizes for the modular graywater units. If desired specifications differ from those below, please contact us at 1-866-653-8337.