RMS provides various additional components for rainwater harvesting systems to ensure a project’s requirements are fulfilled.

Injection System

Injection systems can be used to inject chlorine or dye into systems as needed. Injection point must be at a higher piping elevation than the injection pump. System flow rates and pressure must be known when
specifying an injection system. System includes pump, flow switch, and solution tank. Chlorine and dye are not provided by RMS.

Day Tank

Applications that require high flow rates and/or high pressure, a “Day Tank System” is recommended. A transfer pump will pump water from the primary cistern through the filtration skid, for storage in a smaller Day Tank. A booster pump can then draw water from the Day Tank and sends the treated water to the end use.

*Note: Filtration skids should not be placed on the suction side of the booster pumps.

Pressure Tank

Pressure tanks are used to allow constant pressure in the water line. In turn, this prolongs the life of the pump by only being on when needed, not constantly.  

Pressure Tanks are sized by 3x the output flow rate if no variable frequency drive (VFD) is used. If a VFD is included in the system, the pressure tank must be at a minimum of 20% of the output flow rate.  

Sensors & Valves

Components are integrated for control and monitoring purposes through the RMS 200 Series, RMS 200 Mini Series and other control platforms.

RMS has established relationships with leading manufacturers to ensure complete, yet flexible product integration in rainwater harvesting systems. RMS offers full-system integration due to in-house design and manufacturing capabilities.

Components offered include but are not limited to:

Flow Meters



  • Level Sensors

    • Ultrasonic
    • Pneumatic
  • Motorized Valves





Water Quality Sensors

Oxygen Sensor

pH Sensor

ORP Sensor

Turbidity Sensor

Temperature Sensor

  • Pressure Sensors

  • Pressure Differential

    Pressure Transducer

    Pressure Gauge

Makeup Water

In times of inconsistent rainfall, having a backup water source is recommended.

RMS offers makeup water components including but not limited to:

Solenoid Valves

Reduced Pressure Zones (RPZ)

Normally Closed Float Switches