Floating Filters

Floating Filters

Not filters in the truest sense, floating filters work more as uptake points for the pump than an actual filter. A floating filter sits just below the surface of the tank's water, with a polyethylene ball and a stainless-steel mesh attached to a standard food-grade suction hose. Since particulate matter settles to the bottom or rises to the top, the floating suction filter is in the premiere spot where water quality is highest.

Since the water in the tank should have already been filtered, floating filters supply the pump with the cleanest water — past any particulate matter on the top or bottom. The floating filter pump intake couldn't sit in a better location for extracting the best of the already-filtered rainwater. This rainwater floating filter usually draws its water from six to eight inches below the surface, and the mesh screen of the fine floating filter filters out particles larger than .3mm.

Why Use a Floating Filter at All?

Since the goal is always high-quality harvested rainwater for whatever application is needed, a floating filter is an additional step worth taking. With the rainwater floating intake tube suspended in the water, the floating filter itself is able to drift with the ebb in the tank as water is added or subtracted. This allows the mesh intake to always be in the best place for the purest water.

RMS Has the Finest Floating Filters

Rainwater Management Solutions has the finest floating filters for any size tank. Pulling the cleanest of the pre-filtered water from the tank, these filters add another layer of protection from particulates and provide peace of mind. You can choose a coarse floating filter which filters out particles larger than 1.2mm or the fine-mesh screen that stops particles down to .3mm. You're going to be protecting your family and your investment — all while recycling water many people tend to ignore. When you set up your rainwater collection system, don't forget about the floating filter and its importance. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We're here to help!