A properly-sized tank is crucial to the efficiency and function of a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater Management Solutions has developed a proprietary tank sizing software to accurately determine the size of the tank to best suit your rainwater harvesting needs and goals.
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Due to limited rainfall data, RMS is capable of providing a Tank Sizing Analysis for projects located only in the United States.

A properly-sized tank is crucial to the efficiency and function of a rainwater harvesting system. However, how do you know what size rainwater tank you need? Fill out our tank sizing form below to find out exactly what size tank your system requires.

How To Choose The Right Size Rainwater Storage Tank

With the entire planet facing dire environmental challenges, it's essential that we use water in smarter ways. Whether you're working in construction, city planning, or simply trying to improve your home water use, rainwater harvesting can help you achieve this goal. To that end, utilizing a properly-sized rainwater tank is crucial. As harvesting rainwater becomes more common, many people have questions about rainwater tank sizing. Fortunately, Rainwater Harvesting Solutions has the answers you're looking for.


Here are the factors that will determine whichrainwater storage tanks you require.

Potential rainfall collection

When choosing a rainwater tank, the first step is simple: determine the amount of water that can be collected on your property. For example, a business in Texas won't need as large of a tank as those seen in Virginia. Likewise, a tiny home won't be able to collect as much water as a sprawling commercial office park.

Our experts can help you choose the right size tank for your needs. There are two primary factors we consider:

      • 1. Historic levels of rainfall in your area
      • 2. Your building's roof square footage


Once we have this data, we will analyze monthly and annual rainfall records for your location. Then, we can calculate the appropriate rainwater tank size for your goals.  

Water usage goals

Determining how your business will utilize collected rainwater is another important component in your tank size. For example, rainwater can be used for laundry, cooling towers, and flushing. However, additionalrainwater tank components will be needed if you require potable water as well. In this way, your water usage goals will inform your rainwater tank sizing.

Accurate rainwater tank sizing

Once the above factors have been determined, Rainwater Management Solutions will work hard to figure out the best tank size for your home or business. We offer a range of rainwater storage tanks to suit the needs of just about anyone. Whether you need a small 200-gallon storage tank or a 12,000-gallon rainwater storage tank, Rainwater Management Solutions has everything you need to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

As the leading industry supplier and system integrator for rainwater systems, the professional staff at Rainwater Management Solutions will help you size rainwater tanks accurately and efficiently while still aligning with your rainwater goals and needs.

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