Rainwater Management Solutions provides services and solutions across a wide range of rainwater harvesting applications.

Our customers include Industrial, Commercial and Residential Developers, Agricultural Enterprises, Institutional and Government Facilities, and End Users.

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TD Ameritrade Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska

We supplied the TD Ameritrade Headquarters with a rainwater harvesting system consisting of a 30,000 gallon rainwater storage tank and the RMS Day Tank System which provides rainwater to the toilets and urinals throughout the entire facility. Two WISY Vortex Filters are installed prior to the storage tank to remove particulate larger than 380 microns from almost 60,000 square feet of roof area.

Seagate Media Research Center

Seagate decided to integrate a rainwater harvesting system at its Media Research Center in Fremont, California to reduce demand on the municipal water supply and the impacts of stormwater runoff. To make this possible, we retrofitted their existing plumbing to accommodate a rainwater harvesting system. The facility has more than 62,000 square feet of roof area from which rainwater can be collected. The collected rainwater is used to supply non potable uses such as toilet and urinal flushing, scrubber makeup, and cooling tower makeup. The rainwater collected from the roof is pre-filtered by two WISY WFF300 vortex filters and then flows into one of two 29,700-gallon storage tanks.Click here for the Case Study published in the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) journal.

Naples Children's Museum, Naples, Florida

We assisted Naples Children’s Museum in implementing a rainwater harvesting system to provide irrigation to their grounds without using potable water in addition to supplying their toilets and water features and helping them become environmental stewards.The rainwater is collected from the roof and is pre-filtered by a WISY WFF300 vortex filter and then flows into one 10,000 gallon cistern, which remove particulates greater than 380 microns from the collected rainwater.

Port of Gray's Harbor, Aberdeen, Washington

To assist Port of Gray’s Harbor in Aberdeen, Washington in their desire to become environmental stewards, RMS helped them implement rainwater harvesting to provide irrigation to their grounds without using potable water. To harvest rainwater from this incubator facility, rainwater is collected, pre-filtered using twoWISY WFF300 vortex filters, and then collected into two 8,700-gallon corrugated steel rainwater tanks.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

We helped MARTA become better environmental stewards by implementing a rainwater harvesting system that effectively reduces the impacts of stormwater runoff onsite and provides irrigation for the grounds without using potable water. The rainwater is harvested from train stations to supply water for irrigation plant material onsite and utilizes our WISY WFF150 filters and is stored in 3,100 gallon tanks.

Claude Moore Education Complex, Roanoke, Virginia

We assisted the Claude Moore Education Complex in Roanoke, VA in implementing a rainwater harvesting system to reduce potable water demands for non-potable needs in addition to reducing stormwater runoff. We used a Siphonic roof drain system to effectively moving water from rooftop to storage tanks, using the diverted water to use in flushing toilets. We collected water in two 2,500-gallon storage tanks and pre-filtered water using two Wisy vortex fine filters.

800 New Jersey Ave.
Washington, D.C.

High end residential units along with a 35,000 square foot Whole Foods Market. Rainwater collected in poured in place cistern and used for both irrigation of green space on the top roof deck as well as cooling tower makeup water.

Center for Architecture and
Environmental Design

LEED Platinum Certified

Rainwater collected in a 15,000 gallon tank and used for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Connie & Kevin Chou Hall
Haas School of Business

First academic building in the country designed for both LEED Platinum and WELL Certification and attempting to attain zero-waste certification this year. Rainwater collected from roof is used for flushing toilets/urinals in building.

St. Paul Saints
Baseball Stadium

Water collected from roof of adjacent building and used to irrigate the main playing field as well as supply water for public toilets behind center field.

Floyd Kellam High School
Virginia Beach, VA

Over 100,000 gallons is collectedfrom roof in multiple above ground cisterns and used to irrigate athletic fields.

Minnesota United FC
Soccer Stadium

675,000 gallons of storageUsed as part of overall stormwater management plan Water is used to irrigate surrounding green spaces.

Manassas Park Elementary
Manassas Park, VA

Certified LEED GoldRainwater is harvested from all roof surfaces into a 79,000 gallon cistern, providing potable-level water for toilets and irrigation. Conserves approx. 1.3 million gallons of water/year. Neighboring elementary school uses 570% more water

Plumbers Local 130 UA Training Center

The new 48,000 facility houses six “wetlabs” and hundreds of fully functioning training fixtures yet uses less water than a single family house. The training facility has only used 11 gallons of city water since opening in late 2017. To achieve this a rain water harvesting system collects water on the roof surfaces, filters it, and stores it in a giant tank proudly displayed in the main lobby. The water is used to flush toilets and run the training fixtures. A graywater system captures water from lavatories and showers in the building, filters the water and uses it to irrigating the landscaped roof terrace and plaza. Together, the rainwater harvesting and graywater systems have saved 170,075 gallons of water to date. To further ensure no drop goes to waste, solenoid valves are connected to the occupancy sensors, shutting off water in the wetlabs when they are not occupied. A display screen in the lobby monitors the whole system in real time.