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WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150
WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150

WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150

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Filters rainwater from up to 5,500 sq. ft.

The WISY Medium Capacity Vortex Fine Filter (WFF150) is used in installations where multiple downspouts are connected to a single pipe into the vortex filter. A single unit can filter rainwater from a roof area up to 5,500 square feet for site irrigation, toilet and urinal flushing, janitorial use, laundries, fire protection, evaporative cooling tower make-up, process water, or other non-potable uses. The filter is typically installed in the underground piping system to direct debris to the stormwater system and divert up to 95% of clean rainwater to an underground storage tank. An above-grade application is also possible.

The WISY WFF 150 connects to a 6" pipe for above- or belowground storage. A 20-inch extension tube can be used to raise the inspection opening to ground level. The filter housing is made of polypropylene; filter insert is made of stainless steel. Filter mesh size is 0.28 mm (280 microns). Filter insert requires cleaning a few times a year and is dishwasher safe. Filter inlet, clean water outlet, and stormwater outlet can swivel for custom installation.

Parts included: filter housing, filter insert

WISY Part Numbers:

  • With Extension Tube: WF 1011

  • Without Extension Tube: WF 1002

Optional Equipment:

  • Filter lifting handle

  • Stainless steel wall bracket

  • Seepage basket

  • Blind insert for diversion