Poly WISY LineAR 100 Rainwater Filter

Filters rainwater from up to 2100 sq. ft.

Whether for new construction or retrofits, the space-saving LineAr 100 rainwater filter is easy to accommodate and can be installed without any extra excavation work. There are just 2 inches of height difference between the rainwater inlet and the dirty water outlet. Thanks to this minimal height difference, the WISY LineAr 100 rainwater filter is very easy to integrate into existing pipework. It can even be placed directly inside a rainwater storage tank without changing the gradient of existing piping.

The poly WISY LineAr 100 rainwater filter differs from the WISY Vortex Filters in that the difference between inlet and overflow inverts is minimal, the LineAr still maintains a vertical filtration method. Leaves, moss, and other suspended particles are simply flushed past the filter into the drain outlet. This is the crucial advantage of this design over filter surfaces that are almost horizontal and become clogged with dirt very quickly. The pipe diameter is uniform throughout the poly LineAr 100 rainwater filter.

The harvested rainwater is not only clean but naturally soft as well. It has the ideal quality for flushing toilets, washing, or irrigation.

This stainless steel WISY LineAr 100 rainwater filter connects to 4" piping for all three connections and removes particles larger than 440 microns (0.017") from the water that enters the tank. Maintenance is minimal and is usually only done 2-3 times per year.




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Poly WISY LineAR 100 Rainwater Filter
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