RMS4 LP-HO 25GPM Ultraviolet Light

The RMS4 LP-HO (low-pressure, high-output) UV system is ideal for larger residential  and light commercial applications.  This series offers 5 to 40 gallons per minute systems.  Each UV system comes with an axial flow 316L stainless steel reactor that allows for easy lamp/sleeve service without draining the water.  This vessel was designed and manufactured to ASME pressure standards.  This low-pressure high-output UV lamps are for increased power density and consistent output throughout the rated 10,000 hours of lamp life. 

The RMS4-25C model comes with an LED lamp countdown so there's never any guessing when to change the bulb. 

Replacement Bulbs & Sleeves

Bulb - RMS-L600C

Sleeve - RMS-Q600


RMS4 Series LP-HO Spec Sheet

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RMS4 LP-HO 25GPM Ultraviolet Light
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