RMS5 12-Volt LP Ultraviolet Light

The RMS5 12V LP Ultraviolet light is a reliable product for disinfecting your water and ensuring your family's safety.  Each UV light comes with an axial flow 316 stainless steel reactor, 1/2" FNPT ports (3/4" for 6GPM), and a sensor port.  The RMS5 12V LP UV light comes with a rated lamp life of 9,000 hours and comes rated for 2GPM, 3GPM, or 6GPM. All RMS512V LP lights come with an electrical requirement of 12VDC. 

The RMS5-x-12V model features include a color user interface with full diagnostics and warnings including QR codes.  This makes keeping up with yearly maintenance and troubleshooting a breeze.  

Optional Modules

UV Sensor Module- RMS-S1 (for RMS5/6-2/3/6-12V)

Solenoid Connection Module 110V - MOD-SOL1-RMS

4-20mA Connection Module - MOD-420-RMS

Temperature Management Cooling Fan (fits 3-1/2" chambers) - 130014 

Ultrasonic Flow Meter (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2")- LFM-0.5 / LFM-0.75 / LFM-1.0 / LFM-1.5

Sherpa Module (for RMS5/6 only) - MOD-SHERPA

Remote Alarm Module - MOD-RAM-RMS

Replacement Bulbs & Sleeves

Bulb - RMS-L210 (2GPM), RMS-L290 (3GPM), RMS-L470 (6GPM)

Sleeve - RMS-Q210 (2GPM), RMS-Q290 (3GPM), RMS-Q470 (6GPM)


RMS 12V Spec Sheet

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