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WISY Pneumatic Level Indicator

WISY Pneumatic Level Indicator

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The pneumatic measuring device determines the fill level by calculating the hydrostatic head pressure at the bottom of the tank - this will vary depending on the liquid level in the tank. The pressure is generally measured at a height of 5 cm (2 inches) above the tank base and then converted to a fill level on the clock dial. The clock dial indicates the level in percentage.

An integral pump (mechanically or electrically operated) is used to build up pneumatic pressure in the measuring system until this pressure is equal to the depth of water in the tank. The needle is now in its maximum position and the pressure generated by the pump has displaced the water column from the measuring tube. Bubbles of air escape from the end of the measuring tube on the tank base and the needle remains in the measurement position.


Universal, pneumatic fill level meter with capsule-type element and integrated mechanical or electric pump for measuring fill levels in water tanks. Wall-mounted enclosure made of shock and impact-resistant plastic. Continually adjustable to tank heights of between 100 cm and 250 cm (for measurement of water). Basic equipment includes a 10 m plastic measuring tube and a 3 m rubber hose.

Extension sets containing a 10 m plastic measuring tube are available for taking remote measurements at a distance of up to 50 m. Linear capsule element; measuring accuracy +/- 3 % of full scale value. Semi-permanent display, i.e. as you operate the pump, the needle will rise to the % figure that equals the current fill level in the tank, and then drop very slowly down. The air cushion produced in this way protects the capsule element. Connection for hose with 7 mm outer diameter. Fill level is indicated in % irrespective of the tank shape.