RMS Tiny House Rainwater Collection System

Please allow 2-4 weeks lead time for this product.

This package offers all of the pre-filtration, pumping, and post-tank filtration elements necessary for smaller rainwater harvesting applications such as tiny houses, mobile homes, RVs, sheds, garages, and more.

The purification unit comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired, requiring only two plumbing connections be made and one electrical connection. This system is all powered by either 12VDC or 110VAC connections, 2 amp max. 

Dimensions - 24" Length x 12" Width x 30" Height

Note, picture shown is with 12VDC UV light and junction box.  The 110V model will come with a waterproof GFCI outlet for single plug-in use. 

The filtration and pump system is not designed for outdoor installation.  

Pre-Tank Filtration:

Filtering the water off the roof is essential to giving you the highest quality, healthiest water possible--especially if it is a primary use of water for your application. The WISY Garden Downspout Filter Package will filter out any particles larger than 440 microns and can be mounted in-line with a downspout. Each filter is suited for up to 1,000 square feet of roof area.

Post-Tank Filtration:

Space is at a premium when it comes to small homes, that is why RMS has developed a rainwater filtration system with a minimal footprint and minimal electrical demand. This filtration skid will remove sediment in the water, reduce odors and discoloration, as well as eliminate bacteria in the water by way of the ultraviolet light. We take the guess work out of setting up a filtration system by mounting components and pre-plumbing the filters--all you need to do is plumb into and out of the skid and supply the power. 

 How much water can I collect?

One of the first things to consider when deciding whether or not a rainwater harvesting system will help meet water demands is your collection potential. An easy calculation to determine your collection potential is below: Yearly Rainfall (inches) X Roof Footprint (square footage) X .62 X .95 = Gallons

Note: When picking out a rainwater tank, do not size it to the total yearly collection potential as you will use water throughout the year. If you need help sizing a tank, please follow the link here.


Tiny House Spec Sheet 


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