SZ 9927 WISY Coarse Floating Filter 1"

Since all harvested rainwater is filtered before entering the tank, the floating filter should never clog but will instead take water from just below the surface.  Water at this depth is of the highest quality in the tank, because any particulate that enters the tank either floats on the surface or settles to the bottom.  In RMS- designed systems, the floating filter acts more as an uptake point for the pump than a filter; thus, the floating filter should never require maintenance.

The floating filter consists of a polyethylene ball and stainless steel filter and is supplied with a standard 7 ft. length of food-grade suction hose and male thread to barb fitting for connection.  The nozzle connections are available in 1, 1 1/4" and 2" sizes.  The filter is available separately or as part of a kit for both submersible and booster pumps.

Filter mesh size: 1.2mm (1,200 microns)

OPTIONS: With or without 7 feet of food-grade suction hose.



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SZ 9927 WISY Coarse Floating Filter 1"
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