WISY 8" Multifunction Overflow Device

To prevent backup in the system during heavy rains, the storage tank should always include an overflow protection device.  The overflow device contains an angled opening to provide skimming of small buoyant debris, such as pollen, on the water surface. This device can be connected directly to a standard overflow pipe in the rainwater storage tank. The water inlet of the overflow should be placed at the height of the maximum storage level in the tank.

The trap in the overflow device will be filled with water at all times. The trap holds 13 gallons of water. To support this weight, 2" PVC pipe is provided and fits over the nipple on the trap of the overflow device. The support should be cut to proper length once the overflow device is installed.

WISY Part Number: US 2000



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WISY 8" Multifunction Overflow Device
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