We are the exclusive U.S. dealer for WISY filter products: The best in rainwater harvesting worldwide!

RMS has adopted WISY’s 4 step system. The 4-Step System will minimize system maintenance and create a higher water quality for your rainwater harvesting system. By using pre-tank filtration, the 4-Step System will reduce the amount of particulate that enters the tank and as a result, will reduce the amount of particulate that is then pumped out of the tank. By reducing particulates in the rainwater harvesting system, you can prolong the life of your pumping and filtration equipment as well as eliminate the need to clean debris from your tank.

Step 1:
Pre-Tank Filtration

Self-cleaning WISY filters operate as a first flush device, directing leaves, dirt, and other debris to the stormwater system and diverting up to 95% of the clean rainwater to a storage tank.

Step 2:
Smoothing Inlet

The Smoothing Inlet prevents incoming water from stirring the tank and oxygenates the water.

Step 3:
Floating Filter

The Floating Filter ensures intake of the cleanest water from just below the water surface.

Step 4:
Overflow Device

The Multi-Function Overflow Device skims floating particulate on the water surface and protects water quality.

Compare the Difference


  • Check gutters for organic matter and debris
  • Check downpsout connections for organic matter and debris
  • Wash stainless steel filter insert 2-3 times per year
  • Reduce the frequency of post-tank filtration component maintenance
  • NEVER replace components
  • NEVER clean the tank

The Competition

  • Check gutters for organic matter and debris
  • Check downspout connections for organic matter and debris
  • Clean filters after every rainfall
  • Replace cartridges in post-tank filtration components more frequently
  • Replace failing components over time
  • Drain and clean tanks yearly

A rainwater harvesting system designed with WISY products requires minimal maintenance and never needs replacing.

With a WISY filter, you'll never clean your tank again.

Watch the videos below to see the advantages of the WISY rainwater harvesting filters.