Smoothing Inlets

Smoothing Inlets and the WISY Four-Step System

WISY's four-step system is an easy and healthy method for harvesting rainwater. The four-step process includes:

  • 1. Pre-Filtration - removes rooftop debris
  • 2. Smoothing Inlets - oxygenate and prevent disturbance of biofilm
  • 3. Floating Filters - prolong pump life by siphoning off small particulate matter
  • 4. Overflow Device - skims floating matter and collects excess water

Smoothing Inlets Protect Your Tank’s Water

Pre-filtration greatly reduces the amount of sediment and thus bacteria entering the storage tank; however, particulates may still enter the tank and will either settle on the bottom or float on the top of the water. The particulates will naturally settle to the bottom of the tank creating a biofilm that can be beneficial for the overall health of the tank. A smoothing inlet reduces the splashing of the rainwater as it enters the storage tank and prevents the disturbance of the biofilm and sediment. The smoothing inlet directs water upward and outward, which aerates the water while avoiding the disruption of this beneficial layer to help preserve tank water quality.

Shop RMS for Smoothing Inlets

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