Rainwater Filter Operation WISY WFF100 and WFF150

RMS Rain Harvesting Expert Demonstration: WISY Filters

The WISY WFF100 or WFF150 are perfect pre-filters for small to mid-size collection areas for rainwater harvesting. Shawn Crawford discusses the general operation of the Vortex Filters as well as the routine maintenance required.

Shawn: One of the big things with rainwater harvesting, it's collected from every downspout. As you can see here, every downspout is going to have an adapter into a PVC pipe which actually ran underneath the ground. Every single downspout's connected at one point right around here underneath the ground. From there, we run it into our pre-filtration, which is the WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF100 and the WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150. 

After it's filtered, the clean water is going to go into the tank. The dirty water from the filters actually go out and into the overflow lot. In order to maintain this filter, you have to take the filter out, clean it off with Simple Green or put it in the dishwasher. You can actually wash it that way as well. You need to maintain it at least twice a year is what we suggest. I've had some customers that do it annually, but we recommend twice a year.