GRAYWORKS Modular Graywater System - Demonstration


Hi, I'm Nate here with Grayworks. We're at the 2016 Greenbuild show out in Los Angeles and we're here to show you our GW2500 graywater treatment system. This is a low cost, low maintenance, very efficient graywater treatment, and reuse system all incorporated into one simple container.

We envisioned graywater as a four-step process, which we included in this unit. Our first process is a pre-filtration process, as you can see here. Fully self-cleaning filtration to remove hair, lint, and anything that may be in the water stream. That process followed by a biological process within this tank behind you. This component is developed for the pharmaceutical industrial waste community because it was such a robust treatment mechanism. After our biological treatment tank, we actually go into a fully enclosed mechanical cabinet, which includes all the equipment you need. We'll walk over to the front of the cabinet so you can actually see what it looks like.

This mechanical cabinet includes all aspects of what you need for gray water treatment. We have filtration, followed by ultraviolet disinfection, and all of the necessary controls and equipment needed to run this system. Depending on your application you may actually require a chemical addition in the form of chlorine for residual or dye, depending on local building codes. What we've done is include that in the cabinet as well. We'll walk around and I'll show you that aspect of this system.

What we have here is our chemical system. We've designed this so that you can have two standard sized totes for dye and chlorine, depending on the application. If you look here we actually have full chemical spill volume to accommodate those two tanks, as well as a dosing pump to dose into the system. We incorporate everything you need for graywater treatment and reuse. All your contractor needs to do is to connect a tower to this system and connect a couple of pipes and that's it. Very simple system. 

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