Annual Water Conservation Showcase | San Francisco 2019

March 21, 2019, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, PEC, 851 Howard Street in SF

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Energy is required to purify, distribute, treat and heat water, therefore water saving strategies inevitably save energy. Through presentations and table-top displays our 16th Annual Water Conservation Showcase will provide information on water-conserving strategies for building occupants, designers, managers, and operators. This free event is organized through the efforts of the Northern California Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (, East Bay Municipal Utility District (, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (, the Committee on the Environment from the local American Institute of Architects chapter (, the City of San Jose's Water Resources Division ( and the PG&E Pacific Energy Center ( Register here: 


Rainwater Harvesting: Care of Water Through Understanding and Science that Fosters Healthier and More Resilient Communities

Speakers: Benjamin Sojka, Rainwater Management Solutions; Kat Sawyer, The Watershed Project
Where and When: Lighting Classroom at 4:00 PM
Led by two rainwater experts, this workshop will identify best practices and lessons learned from the implementation of rainwater collection systems across a range of projects scales and in a variety of climates. 

Water Efficient Home of the Future

Speakers: Peter Mayer, WaterDM; Kevin Galvin, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; Rob Zimmerman, Kohler Co.
Where and When: Conference Center at 10:00 AM
This presentation will explore remaining opportunities for indoor residential water use savings. Panelists will discuss trends in indoor water use, home appliance and water fixture innovations, and how to put technology to use in reducing water waste from plumbing leaks.  The session will include a perspective on national urban water demands and residential indoor water use including findings and implications from the most recent large residential end-use studies published by the Water Research Foundation.
Not Letting the Grass Grow Under Their Feet: Panel on Innovative Residential Landscape Design Programs

Speakers: Chris Dundon, Contra Costa Water District; William Granger, City of Sacramento; Carrie Pollard, Sonoma Water
Where and When: 2nd Floor Conference Room at 10:00 AM
Attend this session to learn about residential landscape programs offered by three water utilities: Contra Costa Water District, Sonoma Water and the City of Sacramento. Programs include landscape design assistance, design templates, and lawn to garden rebates. Session will highlight program requirements for both landscape designers and customers and other program benefits.

WORKSHOP: Soil Remediation for Water Conservation and Heathier Gardens

Speakers: Ron Alexander, R Alexander Associates Inc; Kelly Schoonmaker, StopWaste
Where and When: Lighting Classroom at 10:00 AM
This session will outline soil best management practices for improving water conservation and establishing healthier plants. How these techniques meet the requirements of the state’s Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and the optimal use of compost and mulch will also be discussed. The workshop will illustrate both application and product specifications as well as how to properly purchase and evaluate compost and mulch products. The session will include an interactive portion where participants can pose project specific questions about compost, mulch, MWELO compliance and other soil concerns.


Firescaping: The Essentials of Community-Wide Fire Protection

Speaker: Douglas Kent, Douglas Kent+Associates
Where and When: Conference Center at 12:00 PM
As California’s population and temperatures continue to grow, so does the likelihood of wildfires. Join Douglas Kent, author of "Firescaping," as he highlights the essential qualities of protected property and community. Kent will be focusing on the design and maintenance attributes of roads, structures, and defensible space. He will also be highlighting community obligations.

Nominees for “Water Champions” Award Showcase Their Work

Speakers: Michelle Maddaus, Maddaus Water Management, Inc.; Kyle Pickett, The William J. Worthen Foundation; Paula Kehoe, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Where and When: 2nd Floor Conference Room at 12:00 PM
The Bay Area Water Conservation & Reuse Award selects one “Water Champion” annually. This award is given to individuals in the private or public sector whose conservation/reuse efforts inspire the community to use water more wisely. This session will feature presentations by Water Champion nominees, highlighting the efforts that made them exemplary candidates.
WORKSHOP: Implementation of LEED Water Efficiency Credits for LEED v4.1

Speakers: David Holtzclaw, Transduction Technologies; Patrick Boyle, Sloan; Amy Nagengast, Bright Power
Where and When: Lighting Classroom at 12:00 PM
This session will begin with a brief review of the LEED water efficiency (WE) credits and the changes adopted in LEED version 4.1 (v4.1). Then, participants will collaborate in a design charrette activity where they will choose the best WE credits to apply to a defined project. Speakers will highlight recent developments in water sensors and meters and the advantages of sub-metering. More importantly, speakers will highlight the connections between water efficiency and water quality. Finally, speakers will describe current strategies and opportunities for implementation of alternative water systems for projects seeking LEED certification.

Onsite Water Reuse: Benefits, Ownership, Delivery Models, Permitting and Other Considerations

Speakers: Taylor Chang, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; Sarah Triolo, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; Amelia Luna, Sherwood Design Engineers; Don Berger, West Yost; Peter Haase, Acqualogic/Kanso Water
Where and When: Conference Center at 2:00 PM
This panel presentation will explore national trends, new water re-use standards, system design details, water treatment concerns, other best practices and lessons learned from past project work. Panel will feature insights from three engineers that design these systems and two water utility representatives that have developed standards and worked on water re-use projects. This presentation provides an overview of San Francisco’s Non-potable Water Program, which is a first-of-its-kind OneWater effort.

Water Metering Innovation and Best Practices

Speakers: Tyson Heine, Rancho California Water District; Don Millstein, H2O Degree
Where and When: 2nd Floor Conference Room at 2:00 PM
A pair of water metering experts will share their perspectives on best practices and lessons learned from their past project work. One panelist will represent a California water district that has used AMI and GIS data to reduce apparent water loss across its service territory. The other speaker will share insights on the application of water meters at multi-family facilities which are now required to have tenant-level submeters in California. 

WORKSHOP: Design Charrette on Residential Landscapes

Speakers: Kelly Marshall, Kelly Marshall Garden Design; Kristen Wernick, California Native Plant Society; John Kamp, Prairieform
Where and When: Lighting Classroom at 2:00 PM
Workshop session will highlight a number of landscape and plant challenges and then ask the training participants to address these challenges in a mini-design charrette. Session panelists include a landscape designer, a landscape and urban designer that is also a licensed contractor and a California native plant and horticulture enthusiast.

Bay Area Water Conservation & Reuse Awards

Award presenter and session host: Pedro Hernandez, City of San Jose
Where and When: Conference Room at 4:00 PM
Recognizing the primacy of water to the health and economic vitality of the Bay Area and to the environment, the Bay Area Water Conservation & Reuse Awards are presented to organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals whose programs and leadership have advanced water conservation and reuse in the Bay Area. The goal of the Awards is to raise awareness and celebrate outstanding achievements in water conservation and reuse through best practices, efficiency, and innovation.
The Water/Energy Nexus: Lessons from Southern California

Speakers: Erik Porse, OWP at Sacramento State; Nicholas Chow, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
Where and When: 2nd Floor Conference Room at 4:00 PM
Session will explore large proposed projects in southern California that will save energy and water and limit the transport of water across our state. Projects include examples of greater use of local water supplies and water recycling. Water and energy savings projections will be shared. This presentation will present findings from research in Los Angeles (LA) showing effects of future water supply alternatives on regional energy use. The speakers will demonstrate how to calculate energy use needs for urban water supply across a metropolitan area, including both utilities and households.