3000 Gallon Residential Rainwater Harvesting System in Virginia


Hello, everyone. My name's David Crawford, President of Rainwater Management Solutions. I'm here today with RMS Customer, Marty Szabo at his house in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. Marty's had a system from us since 2011, he built a beautiful log house here on the mountain, and just wanted to let Marty fill us in a little bit on his experience with RMS and his rainwater system.

Marty Szabo: Thanks, Dave. Yeah, I've been very happy with the system from Rainwater Management, and reason we got it was because our well went dry after a couple years up here, and could not get a reliable source of water, and so when this was suggested to me I had them come out and tell me about it. I've looked at a couple of other systems where this was installed and the people were very happy with it. And so we went ahead and installed a system from RMS.

And since then, it's been about eight years, and we change the filters every year as prescribed, along with the standard 63, and have had no problems. All we do is get filters for the filter system every year, we install it, takes about 15 or 20 minutes, and we've had great water. I test it every year, no bacteria in it, and we've been more than happy with it. Never run out of water, got 3,000 gallons out there, and we just not had an issue with good freshwater since we've had the system installed.

David Crawford: Thank you, Marty. So what Marty's got is he's got his one-micron filter, carbon filter, and a UV light. Some people will set both on one side, some on the other. Marty's got a system here, as I said, it's been in since 2011. He's keeping records, he's now adding a logbook, so he's in full compliance with the state of Virginia right now, because he has a record of when he's changed his UV lights and everything in a timely manner as prescribed by the manufacturer's recommendations.

In this next video, David takes us outside where the two Roth 1500 gallon tanks are buried below ground and are feeding off the roof from the front, back, through his downspout, under the driveway, and to his WFF100 Vortex Filter.