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Rainwater Design Guide

Application Design

Rainwater management has become a critical element in modern construction and retrofits to control runoff. The ability to not only store runoff, but to collect and reuse has become a vital step towards sustainability and conservation.

Wisy 4-Step Process

After more than 20 years in the rainwater catchment industry, RMS has identified the Wisy 4-Step System as the ideal method for rainwater harvesting.

Storage Options

RMS works with leading tank providers across the country and utilizes an exclusive tank sizing program to ensure the tank meets your project requirements.

Pumping Systems

While project applications and requirements can vary, RMS can find a solution for a multitude of pumping needs.

Filtration Options

Sediment, Carbon, and Ultra Violet Light are the most common methods of filtration and disinfection. RMS offers individual components or pre-plumbed skids designed for a project’s specific requirements.

Additional Components

RMS offers an array of components associated with rainwater harvesting such as pressure tanks, injection systems, sensors, etc.


RMS supplies custom rainwater harvesting controllers that are built, programmed, and tested at the RMS UL 508A Panel Shop. The design and engineering team work with clients to provide a custom solution that is needed water reuse.


Find the best rainwater pre-tank filters to remove sediment from the rainwater and promote a healthy water environment.

From $75.00


We offer a wide variety of both submersible and booster pump options. All pumps are adapted to connect to the WISY Floating Filter to provide the highest possible quality.

From $640.00