Rainwater Management Solutions is Making a Difference

We are partnering with ARCSA to use our expertise to help an orphanage in Haiti.

Why is rainwater management solutions sending an engineer to haiti?

After thirty years of successful operation within a limited budget, the water collection, distribution and filtration systems are in need of repair, renovation, and in some cases installation.   The process is already underway. The first phase has already been successfully completed June 2017 with the installation of water tanks and piping to the five girls’ houses bringing them water suitable for bathing and kitchen use. Phase 2 is underway with completion June 2018. Yet to be done is the upgrade of the potable water system and distribution to the clinic, bakery, kitchen, and water filling station. At the completion of these various phases, the children and staff at Saint Helene’s will have a significantly more reliable source of potable drinking water as well as a steady supply of water for daily use.  

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what will rainwater management solutions be helping with?

  • Install new drinking water quality water filtration system across from Kitchen building.
  • Filtration system to include new ozone treatment for cistern, membrane filter, 5 & 20 micron filters, carbon filter, and ultraviolet light.
  • Replace the 1000 gallon water storage tank.
  • Use the 19,200 gallon cistern at the Kay Europe building feed the new water filtration system.
  • Pipe the water from the new water filtration system back in to feed the clinic, the existing drinking water distribution point, the bakery and both tanks for the kitchen. (important note that there are currently two water supplies in the kitchen one for washing and one for cooking, we will feed them both with filtered water).
  • Install new water tanks on the roof of the clinic, gatehouse and bakery.
  • Another concern that we considered was the amount of effort to deliver truck water to these locations. Currently the kitchen (both systems), bakery and drinking water distribution point. Are all filled by the truck. In the new system the cistern will be filled with rain water which can be refilled with the truck if needed.
  • Install a new 3” PVC pipe to fill the cistern
  • Clean and coat the roof being used to collect the rain water and install new connection points
  • Build a new small enclosure around the water filtration equipment
  • If the budget permits install a solar power system capable of running the new system

About St. Helene Orphanage

  • • Managed by NPH International
    • 30 years old
    • Home to 600 children
    • Additional 400 children come in each day for schooling
    • St. Helene is a lush and cool location about 25 miles up
    the mountain from the capital of Port-au-Prince
    • Elementary and secondary school on the property,
    chapel, full kitchen, staff to clinic & bakery
    • Kay Christine is located inside the St. Helene campus
    and is home to over 30 children and adults with
    neurological conditions and special needs.