Residential Rainwater Harvesting Purification Skid (15 GPM)

Shawn Crawford explains the components of one of our 15 GPM Residential purification skids.

Hello, my name is Shawn Crawford. I'm with Rainwater Management Solutions. Today, we're going to talk to you about this purification skid. 

What you're going to see here is a poly board that is housing the skid components. If we go first here in line, the rainwater, unfiltered comes in here. It hits a sediment filter. This is a one-micron string-wound sediment filter. It has a 20-inch housing, this sits inside of the housing and keeps all the sediment out.

From there, the water goes into a carbon filter. Again, another 20-inch housing unit for carbon, and what that does is eliminates odor. You really don't want odor if you're flushing toilets, taking showers with this water, any of that.

From there, the water goes down and into our 15 gallons per minute UV light. This is what we recommended for this customer. This brings the water to a potable standard. So any harmful bacteria gets deactivated, so it's actually safe to consume. But this is actually going to be used for flushing toilets, taking showers with. From there, the water goes out to wherever it needs to go, and we'll redistribute that water for use.

Some of the critical features that I want you guys to look at what we've done and added here for the customer to make it a little bit more user-friendly, we have a pressure gauge here at the start of those filters. Then we have a pressure gauge here at the end of those filters. The reason we do that is that if we see a pressure drop, then that tells us, "Hey, we need to change those filters."

The filters need to be maintained at least every three months. I have some customers get away with six months, but we recommend three months just to be safe. The UV light needs to be changed out annually. It'll actually beep or go red if anything goes wrong and actually stop working.

So that's what you got here today. Again, this is a purification skid that RMS makes, and it's a 15 gallon per minute purification skid.