Rainwater Management Solutions (RMS) Achieves UL Certification for Water Treatment Assemblies

Rainwater Management Solutions, Inc. (RMS), an industry-leader in rainwater and stormwater management, has achieved certification of compliance with the electrical safety requirements of UL 979 (Standard for Safety Water Treatment Appliances) for its RMS-RWF Water Treatment Assemblies.

With this latest certification, the Company has demonstrated that its products meet the electrical safety requirements of both the UL 979 and CSA/CAN standards, and the treatment assemblies will now feature the UL Certified Safety US/CA labels.  These labels also ensure compliance to both standards by follow-up inspections at RMS’ manufacturing facility and quality system audits, thus showing a commitment to ensuring safety in the marketplace.  Achieving this certification reflects our company’s commitment to providing the highest safety water treatment conditions while continuing to provide high-quality products.

The RMS-RWF assemblies are for commercial and industrial water treatment units for repurposing rainwater for non-potable applications.  They consist of a Listed UL 508A control panel, backwash filter, mechanical filters, power transformer, UV treatment device, various low voltage sensing devices, and GFCI-protected receptacles, all mounted on a common skid.  

“Achieving this certification not only reinforces RMS’ dedication to safety of our skids but will hopefully promote this within this industry…we’re one of the few companies in the industry to achieve this type of certification and thus solidifies our commitment to our customers.”

About Rainwater Management Solutions

Rainwater Management Solutions, based in Roanoke, Va., is an industry-leading supplier, system integrator, and professional services firm, specializing in turnkey solutions for water harvesting, management, and reuse applications. RMS offers complete and integrated systems and solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. The firm also provides design and consulting services to its clients, which include development, engineering, and architectural firms seeking specialized rainwater and stormwater management system design capabilities. To learn more, visit the company’s website at https://rainwatermanagement.com/.