Rainwater Harvesting at an Apartment Complex in Blacksburg Virginia


Hey guys, this is Shawn Crawford with Rainwater Management Solutions. We're in Blacksburg, Virginia today. We're at a big apartment complex, and I'm actually in the basement of this apartment complex for a rainwater harvesting system. This is a 20,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system. They're using it for toilet flushing, laundry washing, irrigation. The customer loves the rainwater system because it actually saves him a lot of money, and he's done it on to other buildings, apartment complexes, in Blacksburg, Virginia. This is the biggest one he's done yet. He just keeps going with all the new construction, all the new buildings, he's doing. As you can see here, you see the vortex filter coming in behind me. That's the inlets from the downspouts all feeding into the basement. Let me switch you back around here. We've got all this feeding in. You can see the vortex filter way in the background back there. We've done a bunch of... There's a bunch of equalization lines in here. That way all of these tanks can equalize and act as one 20,000 gallon tank.

We're kind of crammed for space in here, so as you can tell there's a bunch of pipes running in and out. For our vortex filters, we actually have a clean water inlet go into the tank. We had that feeding down into the smoothing inlet down in the bottom of the tank. We have equalization lines here as well. As you can see those are two-inch equalization lines. We have an overflow on each tank, and then we have this suction line here with a floating filter inside the tank at the bottom flowing into our booster pump. Then this is our skid-mounted system right here. Let me see if come back up and get a good view of it. I'm going to come from this angle, but you can kind of see the booster pump in the background. We've got this first filter, that's a 50-micron filter, one-micron filter, and then we have a UV light back here for sterilization. Since this is going back in the building, it's recommended to use a UV light for disinfection.

We have a backup water valve here if they run out, and then also a manual backup valve just in case if this one's down, if they run out of rainwater, then they can actually come here and the valve will automatically turn over. We have a float switch inside the tank that tells this valve to open up and allow city water, domestic water, to come in and feed the system. That way they don't even know that they ran out of rainwater. Then as you can see here, here's our yellow pipe for reuse water, going back up into the building and out. This is kind of what we got here today in Blacksburg, Virginia. Hope you like it.