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Light Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System | Blacksburg, Virginia

By Rainwater Management Solutions July 23, 2019

Rainwater Harvesting System at an Extended Stay Hotel In Blacksburg, Virginia

Filter: WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150
Client Uses: Flushing & Laundry
Capacity: 5000 Gallons

Hey guys, this is Shawn with Rainwater Management Solutions. I'm here to show you a light commercial project today. This is a system that's supplying the toilets and also the laundry washing. It's an extended stay hotel in Blacksburg, Virginia. They're collecting around 5,000 gallons of rainwater, initially, they started with 3000 gallons.  

I'm going to show you what's going on with the system run through real quick. If you take a look over here, this is the water coming in from the downspout. That's what you'll see there. The customer wanted to put these tanks down in the garage, out of the way and didn't really want to bury them. He wanted to be able to easy access to them. This is a really good setup because we can actually run the downspouts out through here.

The water runs through our pre-filter and then will fall into the tanks. So that's what you see here. That's this pipe going down here. It's going to our WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150. This unit is getting all of the debris from the roof out. It's a prescreening. That way you make sure the water quality inside of the tank is pretty clean.

This is the filtered water coming in. If you were to look down in the tank you can see the water is fairly clean. This is our pump hanging down in there and that's what it's gonna look like. This has been in operation for about two years now, and the customer loves it. Saves him a lot of money and that's why he asked us to add some more tanks onto the project. So right now clean water's going in. it enters a calming inlet and then pumps the water back out.

It goes into this filtration skid. So water is being pumped out through that pump into a sediment filter. It goes to a carbon filter, a UV light for disinfection, and then it goes back out through the pressure tank. This pressure tank is holding pressure in the line. It's just like a well. It has a pressure switch. It tells when the pump to cut on and off of when the pressure drops.

UV Light is also making sure that any water passing through its size from about 30 gallons a minute. It's going to be hit with a dosage of light, which is going to deactivate bacteria. So this is perfect, and this is what you need when you're going into a building. If we ever run out of water, we have a backup system. That's what you see on here on this wall. We have a float switch inside the tank that tells us how to open up if we run low out of water.

If we're completely out of water, then it's gonna tell this valve to open and supply our mainline going in with water. That way you'd never even see the switchover. You don't even know you ran out of water. It's a really good way. This is an RPZ. This is like a double backflow preventer, is what they call that.

This is typically mandatory whenever you hook up to a city line because that makes sure that you don't mix rainwater and with domestic water and contaminate domestic water is what they say. So this is a light commercial job. It's around three thousand, five thousand gallons. Its target is 3000 went to 5,000 gallons. Again, the customer loves it so much, he wanted to add more volume on to it cause it's saving him so much money. He's very proud of it. So hopefully we get to talk with him later on too about it.


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