Water Quality Association Convention and Expo 2019 | Speaker David Crawford President Rainwater Management Solutions

David Crawford Speaking at 2019 WQA convention

David Crawford, President American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association and President Rainwater Management Solutions will lead an education session at the 2019 Water Quality Association Convention & Exposition, the annual meeting of water industry professionals, dealers and manufacturers from throughout the world. This year’s WQA Convention takes place April 23-25, 2019, at the Las Vegas (NV) Convention Center.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Design (0.1 CPD)

This presentation will cover collection parameters for potable and non-potable water applications for rainwater harvesting. This will include collection services, tanks, water control devices, and location and placement of systems to minimize maintenance. Information will also include surface types and will encapsulate all five steps components from pre-filtration to end-use; water entering the tank, floating filter to draw the best water from the tanks, overflow devices, and finally the fifth step which is the point of treatment based on the intended use of the water.

In 2000, David Crawford put his 22 years of experience in healthcare consulting, marketing, sales, and residential/commercial construction into a new company he named Rain Water System, Inc. His vision was to form a company that would address rainwater conservation and management as well as sustainable water applications and practices. Today that company—now known as Rainwater Management Solutions—provides design, consulting, and engineering solutions for rainwater and stormwater management to commercial and residential developers, engineering and architectural firms, and professionals in the agricultural field. To date, the Salem, Virginia-based company has designed and/or installed thousands of rainwater systems across North America. 

A strong advocate of water conservation and management, in 2001 David and his brother Ed lobbied the Virginia House and Senate for passage of the first rainwater harvesting legislation in the United States. The following year he worked with the Virginia State Health Department to rewrite graywater laws. David was involved in writing Virginia’s first Rainwater Harvesting Manual used as an educational tool for many.

David is the current President of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA; C-6 Trade association) and Chairmen of the Board of the ARCSA Foundation (C-3) and is an ARCSA Accredited Professional. He was also involved in writing the ARCSA Rainwater Harvesting Manual. 

David received his BS in Economics and Accounting from Mars Hill College in 1976. He has published numerous articles on water conservation and water sustainability issues and practices in local and national publications as Laundry Today, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Mother Earth News, Virginia Business Journal, The Roanoke Times, Farm Bureau Monthly, and Southern Farmer. 

Considered an expert in the field, he is a frequent speaker at national seminars and conferences such as Green Build International Conference and Expo, ASPE Emerging Water Technology Symposium, ARCSA’s Annual Conference, and VMI Environmental Conference. 

David has been part of several publications including: 

Sojka, S., T. Younos, D. Crawford. 2016. Modern Urban Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Design, Case Studies, and Impacts. In: The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry Vol. 47. 351pp. Springer Publishers (ISBN 978-3-319-29335-6). pp. 209-234.