RMS offers various style pumps to provide specific solutions for a project’s applications and requirements.

Suction Booster/Jet Pump

Recommended for high flow rates with low pressure

Easily accessible for maintenance and troubleshooting

Ability to pull water from available source

Flooded Suction Booster

Recommended for high flow rates and high pressure (high rise buildings)

Less likely to dry run

Easily accessible

Are typically vertical impellers



Less likely to dry run

Impellers are constantly cool thus increases lifespan of pump

RMS builds custom, manufacturer-approved cooling jackets to house large submersible pumps and motors


Lower horsepower needed

Used to decrease/increase temperature

Used for solution injection

Allows for oxygenation of stored water  

Booster Pump Skids

RMS provides simplex and duplex booster pump skids when the desired flow or pressure needs to be increased and are ideal for flooded-suction applications. These skids include variable frequency drive, pressure tank, pressure tank connections, and a controller.

Variable Frequency Drives

RMS has partnered with industry leaders to develop a variable frequency drive (VFD) specifically for rainwater harvesting applications. A custom macro in the VFD reduces on-site startup to merely setting the desired pressure.

Please contact an RMS representative when selecting the right pump for a project.  

Critical Information needed when determining the right pump:

Flow Rate

Pressure or Total Dynamic Head (TDH)